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About Tai Chi Staff 37

Tai Chi Staff 37 is a Tai Chi staff form of 37 movements.

A staff is a long stick. The appropriate length varies from person-to-person according
to one's height. An appropriate length staff should go from the floor up to the person's
eyebrows or slightly higher.

Thus Tai Chi Staff 37 is a Tai Chi form where the practitioner uses a staff as a prop while
the form is being done. Not only is this form extremely fun to do, but the use of the staff
is great for toning the upper body. The whole form does not take long to do; it can be done
in 3-5 minutes. It is a great moving meditation and is a nice complement to other Tai Chi forms.

For those interested in learning other Tai Chi staff forms, this form is a great place to start.


Descendant Taught By During

Steven Sy

Eric Wergeland

Eric Wergeland

Allen Schwerdt

Allen Schwerdt

Stuart Alve Olson

Stuart Alve Olson

Song Zhijian

Song Zhijian

Zheng Manqing (attributed)


Tai Chi traditionally only had three weapons: the sword, the sabre, and the spear.

Therefore, forms involving the staff come in three types:

  1. Wushu staff forms, that are not actually Tai Chi
  2. Tai Chi spear forms, where the person is doing a spear form but using a staff
  3. Genuine Tai Chi staff forms (but these were invented in the last hundred years)
When it comes to practicing a Tai Chi staff form, I personally try to restrict to the
third case. In particular, it should be Tai Chi. Secondly, it shouldn't be a spear form.
The spear is a different weapon, mostly oriented toward impaling. While the staff definitely
can be used in this fashion, most of a Tai Chi staff form should be focused on striking techniques
which is the staff's primary function. Consequently, if we restrict to the third case, the number
of high quality Tai Chi staff forms is quite small. That's one of the beautiful things about
this Tai Chi staff form. This form was invented by a Tai Chi master, named Zheng Manqing.
He already had a spear form, and he wanted to create one specifically for the staff, which is
what this is. Consequently, this is a genuine Tai Chi staff form, and it is quite good.


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