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SPIRITUAL TAO® Coursework is a comprehensive system of self-exploration methods for physical and spiritual healing.

The main practices that are used here in this system are:

  • Tai Chi                                   [See below, scroll down]
  • Qigong ("chee-gong")              [See below, scroll down]
  • Alchemical Meditations        [See below, scroll down]

About Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a soft body-movement exercise whereby changing movements are performed in a relaxed way.

Tai Chi focuses on your body structure and your connection to the ground.
By connecting to the ground in a strong way as you move, healing energy from the earth rises into you.

Tai Chi helps to ground your energy and dissolve excess thinking.
It is a form of moving meditation from which there are a ton of health benefits.

Although our focus is on the benefits to our physical and emotional health,
it is also interesting to know as a sidebar that the movements themselves have self-defense applications.

Tai Chi is actually a special type of Qigong.

About Qigong

Qigong is similar to Tai Chi, as it is a soft body-movement exercise.
The movements of Qigong are designed for health and spiritual purposes.

Qigong is easy to learn and can be practiced by anyone.

In addition to soft body-movements, Qigong is also associated with breathing--and the ability to breath deeply.
Through Qigong, the blood is oxygenated and the relaxation response is triggered.
Physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual healings can be initiated through Qigong.

Furthermore, Qigong enhances the flow of energy in the body, as qigong literally means ''lifeforce-energy skill''.
In many cases, Qigong can be synergized with Alchemical Meditations.

About Alchemical Meditations

Alchemical Meditations are meditations that involve the person
having their eyes closed and going through a visualization exercise.

However, these meditations go beyond simple visualization.
Similar to developing hunger upon visualizing a hot-fudge sundae,
these exercises create an actual physiological response in the body.

These meditations enhance the flow of energy in the body,
and help it to flow in ways that promote physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual healings.

Practicing these meditations amplifies your consciousness and strengthens your spiritual body;
it is believed that continued practice and continued learning of this system will give the practitioner spiritual immortality.

These alchemical formulas for spiritual immortality come from a secret hermit tradition in China.
They were passed down from hermit to hermit over the centuries, and are now taught through SPIRITUAL TAO® Coursework.

Click here for the lineage of these formulas.

Last Revised 1/16/2019

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