Qigong Meditation Basics

Qigong Meditation Basics is an introduction to the alchemical meditation line with supportive qigong.

Alchemical Meditation Line:

  1. Inner Smile
  2. Lotus Meditation
  3. Six Healing Sounds
  4. Classical Microcosmic Orbit
  5. Natural Breathing Qi Ball
  6. Reverse Breathing Qi Ball
  7. Counterforce Breathing Qi Ball
  8. Wudang Microcosmic Orbit
  9. Reverse Wudang Microcosmic Orbit
  10. Classical Extended Orbit
  11. Wudang Extended Orbit
  12. Reverse Wudang Extended Orbit

Supportive Qigong:

  1. Yiquan Standing Meditation
  2. Introduction to Tao Yin Qigong
  3. Qigong Basics: Shake the Tree
  4. Qigong Basics: Knocking on the Door of Life
  5. Qigong Basics: Foot Stomps
  6. Qigong Basics: Spinal Cord Breathing
  7. Qigong Basics: Rolling Over
  8. Qigong Basics: Riding the Cosmic Horse
  9. Five Animal Frolics
  10. Ocean Breathing
  11. Deep Earth Pulsing
  12. Three Fires and Six Directions Form
  13. Introduction to Iron Shirt Qigong 1 (e.g. Phoenix and Iron Bridge)

Click here for the lineage of the alchemical meditations.