Tai Chi Qigong 2

About Tai Chi Qigong 2

Tai Chi Qigong 2 is a fast-paced Tai Chi short form. [aka Discharge Form]

Most people think of Tai Chi as a very slow-moving exercise.
However, Tai Chi 2 is a rare, fun, little-known, FAST version of Tai Chi.

Since Tai Chi 2 is one of the few forms that is actually done fast, it provides a unique benefit
in really activating the cardiovascular system. Consequently, it is one of the most effective
for improving one's blood circulation and strengthening one's blood vessels. Moreover,
blood is the carrier for qi, so by improving one's blood circulation, the ability to transport
qi throughout the body is increased. This not only energizes the body, but it also increases
one's metabolism. Any excess body fat will naturally begin to dissolve just through minimal
regular practice of this form. Moreover, the Tai Chi 2 form itself only takes 3-5 minutes to do,
so it is not overly taxing, even for people with weaker constitutions.

For martial artists, the Tai Chi 2 form will provide an opportunity to see "Tai Chi in action",
as the fast-paced nature of the Tai Chi 2 form mimics the real-time speed of actual Tai Chi combat.
Through the activation of the fast-moving blood flow and its associated transportation of qi,
the martial artist will be able to train the technique of "Fa Jin", which is discharge power,
i.e. the ability to explosively emit qi in a defensive application.


Descendant Taught By During

Steven Sy

Walter Kellenberger

Walter Kellenberger

Master Mantak Chia

Master Mantak Chia
Master P. Y. Tam (attributed) ???