Tai Chi Qigong 3

About Tai Chi Qigong 3

Tai Chi Qigong 3 is a medium-paced, twisting, tilting Tai Chi short form. [aka Tendon Form]

Tai Chi 3 is extremely rare and relatively unknown. Here the complexity and the fun increase
exponentially as we relax the vertical dimension of Tai Chi. The upper part of the body will
tilt forward or backward at various points in the form. This combined with twisting and
spinning-type movements make the form quite intricate but also immensely fun to practice.

Tai Chi 3 also strengthens the tendon system. All of the tilting and twisting movements
incorporate gentle tendon stretches. Simply by doing the form, over time a person's mobility
and range of motion will increase. Due to the focus on the tendons, Tai Chi 3 also serves as
complementary material to the tendon qigong of Iron Shirt 2.


Descendant Taught By During

Steven Sy

Master Mantak Chia

Steven Sy

Walter Kellenberger

Walter Kellenberger

Master Mantak Chia

Master Mantak Chia
Eddie Yee (attributed) ???