Iron Shirt Qigong 2

About Iron Shirt Qigong 2

Iron Shirt Qigong 2 is a set of six dynamic tendon qigong exercises.

These exercises use a unique technique of "body rocking", which when incorporated with gentle
tendon stretches, fills the tendon system with qi rather easily. Consequently, the Iron Shirt 2
qigong exercises induce the tendons to grow over time. The tendons become longer and
more elastic.

The whole purpose in creating a vibrant tendon system is that this will contribute to our
youthfulness. Both flexibility and reaction time are mainly determined by the tendon system.
Moreover, the effects of changes to the tendons tend to last for a very long time, unlike how
muscles deteriorate and weaken very quickly. It is not uncommon to find elderly individuals
who appear very vibrant and youthful, simply because they have very healthy tendon system.

Iron Shirt 2 also includes use of the Mung Bean Hitter. This is a soft sock filled with
mung beans, which we tap along tendon lines to help remove excess heat and toxic qi from
the tendon system. The Mung Bean Hitter can also be used as a healing device for people
who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, or simply for those who spend too much time at
the computer.


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Steven Sy
David Twicken 2008-2015
David Twicken
Master Mantak Chia

Master Mantak Chia
Master Cheng Yao-Lun (attributed) ???