Stem Cell Qigong

About Stem Cell Qigong

Stem Cell Qigong is a qigong for detoxifying the organs.

The organs often acquire many toxins, toxic qi, and sick cells over time. To restore vitality
it is useful to detoxify and rejuvenate the cells of the organs. The purpose of Stem Cell
Qigong is to flush out the toxins of the organs, to kill any sick cells that are there, and
to send activated stem cells to the area to build new fresh healthy cells.

The main tool in Stem Cell Qigong is the Bamboo Hitter. This is an item that looks
like a whisk, where the strands are made out of bamboo. The practitioner, with a certain
methodology, uses this to tap the body--typically the abdominal region over an organ--in
a certain prescribed manner. The function of this is to kill the sick cells that are present.

Cells when they are sick are often not easily identified by the body--and so they persist,
creating a pattern of illness in the body. However, when these sick cells are killed, the
body is able to identify this, and then they can be replaced with fresh new healthy cells.
Strong healthy cells will be unaffected by the tapping, but sick cells will not be able
to survive.

Stem cells are cells that can replace any cell in the body. Thus, when the sick cells die,
stem cells will go in and build new fresh healthy cells. Thus another major component of
Stem Cell Qigong is the activation of the stem cells with healthy programming, so that they
will go in and repair. After doing this, we go organ by organ with a combination of
tapping using the Bamboo Hitter, releasing sick qi with healing sounds, and general
detoxification. In doing so, we flush out the toxins, kill the sick cells, and have activated
stem cells waiting to go into the area to repair and rejuvenate the organs on a cellular

While there are many different components to Stem Cell Qigong, the whole routine can be done
in a twenty minute period. It's a great routine to do if one is feeling unwell, is suffering
from a chronic disease, or if one simply wants to do periodic routine maintenance to support
overall health.


Descendant Taught By During

Steven Sy

Master Mantak Chia