Fusion of the Five Elements 1

About Fusion of the Five Elements 1

Fusion of the Five Elements 1 is the continuation of the alchemical meditation line
begun in the Qigong Meditation Basics.

While the Qigong Meditation Basics

  • increased one's self-acceptance  (Inner Smile),
  • detoxified surface emotions  (Six Healing Sounds), and
  • balanced our internal energy  (Microcosmic Orbit),

with the Fusion 1 work we get to know the vital organ spirits at a much deeper level.

Often hidden deep within the vital organs are deeper emotional issues that are being
held and stored. This negative emotional energy often acts as a drain to our lifeforce.
Moreover, because of this emotional energy--as well as the different unique voices
that our vital organ spirits possess--our body-mind can often feel like it has inner conflicts.
In short, our desires and needs can feel scattered in different emotional directions.

Our goal with the Fusion 1 work is to address these issues head on. First, at a basic
level, we wish to open up a space for communication with the vital organ spirits (five shen).
We began this earlier in the Inner Smile, but we now take this to a deeper level by
getting the five shen to open a communication with each other. Our entry point is to
begin having the five shen share their deepest positive virtue qualities with each other.
This creates a warm feeling of camraderie amongst the five shen, and then they begin
to work together as a team. This is our first level of Fusion.

After learning to harmonize our five shen with a basic Fusion practice, we start to go
deeper to help release stored patterns of negative emotions. We create a safe space
for inner sharing of these emotions, whereby the whole shen team can feel the emotion
and transform it in a safe way.

From here, we combine these two methods into a more potent Fusion 1 practice whereby
we dig into the deepest layers of held negative emotions and use the transformative power
of a sacred geometric shape. This new tool will enable us to strip away the negative
emotional energy, to neutralize the negativity, and to recycle that energy as fuel for the body.
The virtue qualities of the five shen begin to shine forth more strongly and we are able to use
this refined energy to fuse together a refined pearl of compassion.

In the end, we set the stage for more advanced work. We empower our Fusion practice by
drawing in energy from our senses and calling in the eight cosmic forces of nature. These
eight cosmic forces are linked into our deepest energy vessels of our body (the Eight Extraordinary
Vessels), which are explored in the Fusion 2-3 work. Thus this course provides the adequate
foundation for the Fusion 2-3 and higher-level inner alchemy courses.

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