Yiquan Standing Meditation

About Yiquan Standing Meditation

Yiquan Standing Meditation is a standing meditation set.

It is similar to the practice of  Iron Shirt Qigong 1.

By using a variety of different standing postures, the body's core becomes stronger and healthier.
Specifically, connective tissue strengthens, blood circulation improves, and patterns of tension dissolve.
Moreover, by becoming more embodied through continued practice, you become more centered emotionally and spiritually.

Through the connection to the ground, healing energy from the Earth rises up into your body,
and helps promote physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual healings.

The historical origin of Yiquan Standing Meditation comes from the world of martial arts.
Yiquan, which literally means "intention fist", was developed to create subtle body awareness that would be useful in fighting.
While Yiquan Standing Meditation can certainly be used for martial arts in this way,
our focus is on the healing and spiritual aspects of the practice, both of which are surprisingly enormous.


Descendant Taught By During

Steven Sy

Karin Sörvik

Karin Sörvik

Master B.P. Chan

Karin Sörvik
Master Tung Kuo Tzao 1993-1996
Master Tung Kuo Tzao Master Zhong Xian ???
Master Zhong Xian His Master ???