Deep Healing Qigong

About Deep Healing Qigong

Deep Healing Qigong is a stand-alone comprehensive qigong form.

The Deep Healing Qigong form is one of most powerful qigong forms I’ve ever encountered. It incorporates
many of the powerful alchemy techniques learned in the alchemy curriculum directly into the form itself.
Thus the Deep Healing Qigong form can be viewed as a "greatest hits CD" of the entire alchemy curriculum.
This form can be learned by a complete beginner to alchemical meditations (as it was in my case, many many years ago);
or it can be learned by an experienced practitioner already familiar with the alchemy line who is looking for
one single form that "does it all".

Either from a desire of great personal healing--or simply the desire to enjoy a devoted amount of practice time--
if one practices the entire form beginning to end, one can enjoy 45 minutes or more of continuous new material.
However, the form is also divided up into several convenient subsections that are only 10 minutes each. Therefore if one
is short on time, one can practice only one or two of these subsections and still get a very powerful effect. There are so
many different elements to this form, that by varying which subsections you pick when you are short on time, you can
get a completely different qigong routine. It is not a form that you will get bored doing, either in total or in pieces.
Personally, if I were banished to a desert island and were told that I could practice only one qigong form, this would be
the form that I would choose.

Originally, the Deep Healing Qigong form was sourced from some of the most powerful
medical qigong forms around. Pieces of it were done in various medical qigong hospitals. Then this powerful qigong form
was supercharged even further by Michael Winn. He added affirmations, colors, sounds, imagery, focused mind intent,
and many of the meditations from the alchemical line. This made the form much more powerful and was the basis
for his DVD release. Later, Michael discovered additional enhancements that made the form even more powerful
than his DVD release.

Through regular practice of more than ten years and through several years of teaching the form, Steven has supercharged
the form even further. He added in extra aspects of qigong meditation, along with stellar, galactic, and supercluster healing
energies into the form. Consequently the form taught today through SPIRITUAL TAO® Coursework is a virtual powerhouse
of healing technology. All of these enhancements will allow one to take the depth and healing power even deeper than what
is available on the old DVD copy of Michael's.


Descendant Taught By During

Steven Sy

Michael Winn

Michael Winn

Chen Fuyin


Chen Fuyin was director of the Academy of Somatic Science in Beijing, China. He, along with a number of colleagues, spent time studying various qigong forms. From this study, they experimented in creating a single form containing the most effective qigong techniques. Through this experimentation and refinement, a single form called Essence Qigong was created. It originally started being taught in China in 1987, before being taught in the US about ten years later.

Michael Winn learned this form from Chen Fuyin in 1999. Michael, with his alchemy expertise, saw how this form could be supercharged and taken even deeper by incorporating in alchemical material. Thus, to the basic form, Michael added movements, color therapy, affirmations, and many aspects of internal alchemy. In so doing, a new form was born: one that is simultaneously the best in medical qigong while also simultaneously containing the strongest, most potent elements from the alchemy line. Together, the synergy creates a profound level of deep healing. This new form, named Deep Healing Qigong, was then made available by Michael through his coursework.

Steven Sy first learned this form by acquiring Michael's DVD in Fall of 2006. Since that time, additional elements have been added to the form due to sharings from Michael, as well as personal insights. This has made the Deep Healing Qigong form even deeper than its original release. It is this supercharged version of Steven's that is taught today through SPIRITUAL TAO® Coursework