Big Dipper Qigong

About Big Dipper Qigong

Big Dipper Qigong is a fun, 10-minute qigong form.

Big Dipper Qigong is attributed historically to the "Path of Female Immortals" lineage.
This form is a form for long-life. Daily practice of this form is purported to greatly extend your life.
Spiritually, this form connects the seven stars of the Big Dipper down through your body


Descendant Taught By During

Steven Sy

Julian Davis

Julian Davis

Jiang Nan


I first learned this form in the Fall of 2008 from Julian Davis. Julian had recently learned this
on a trip to China in Summer of 2008 from the lineage holder of the form, Jiang Nan.
The form is part of the "Path of Female Immortals'' lineage.

After practicing the form daily thereafter for four years, I came across a limited recording of
a public workshop that Jiang Nan gave in which he taught the form. I was able to use this
recording to make subtle corrections to my practice. I have continued to practice this form
daily since then. It is one of my favorites.

This form is now taught through SPIRITUAL TAO® Coursework.